Saturday, April 9, 2016

Review: Dreaming of Antigone - Robin Bridges

Uncharacteristically for me I've read a lot of Contemporary YA lately. In between I also read Dreaming of Antigone. I didn't like it as much as some of the others, but it was still a great book. I liked the way the main characters fell in love with each other and although it was a little bit unrealistic and instalovey it kind of makes sense that they would turn to each other for comfort after what happened before the book. I think there was happening a little bit too much at the same time for such a short book. Which means it was very fast-paced, but some topics felt a little bit rushed and I thought they could have been exploit a little bit more. I liked the characters very much. I love it when main characters are passionate about something. It gives them personality and makes them become alive. Also I often learn something new about hobbies the main characters practice. Still I couldn't quite connect with the main characters. But in the end I really liked the story and especially that it deals with so many serious topics. And even though I kind of guessed the plot twist it was still surprising and very interesting. I just think because of all the serious topics and sad events the characters were just coping a little bit to well and that was the only thing that made me really feel a little bit disconnected and not emotional enough considering all the terrible and heartwarming events. Oh yeah and by the way I LOVE this cover.

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