Thursday, February 11, 2016

Review: Half-Blood / Daimon (Covenant Series #1 / #0.5) - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Before I started this book I've heard that it is similar to Vampire Academy. Normally I don't care if YA books feel similar to other YA books I really liked. I think if I like a book why don't read a similar one because I will probably like that too. So for me it was ok that it was similar although I think there were a little bit too many similarities.
The characters and the whole story were practically the same. I still liked this book a lot and am very interested in reading on with the series. It's just that I often felt like I've already read this book. I think that the next books will be more interesting and new to me, so I'm glad I read this book and look forward to reading on with this series.
Also Jennifer L. Armentrout fulfilled my expectations as always. The writing was really good and the whole world building felt so real. Also I liked the characters a lot and I'm really curious how the relationships between the characters develop throughout the other books. Also it was the perfect book for a readathon because like always I just couldn't put Armentrout's book down. If I have had the time I would have read it in one sitting. It was short and captivating.
If not for the similarities to Vampire Academy it would get five smileys ;)

I also read the prequel to Half-Blood: Daimon. It isn't really necessary to read it but I still liked it as start of a series and it intrigued me into reading the series. It didn't really give extra information to the story or characters but it was a nice story and gave the reader more information about the main character before the events of the first book. I would recommend to start the series with this book but if you don't want to read it it's also ok to start with Half-Blood. If I haven't read it before the first book I think I wouldn't bother to read it later. All in all I think this series has a lot of potential and I really like it so far!

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