Monday, February 15, 2016

Review: Silver Shadows (Bloodlines #5) - Richelle Mead

This book was definitely the best one in the series so far. I really liked the other ones too but in this book the characters develop so much it's amazing. The other 4 books just feel unimportant beside this one. Which doesn't mean that they weren't good or interesting. They built the story but in this book the series reached it's excitement top!
I don't know if I like the series more than Vampire Academy because they are both so good!
I think I like the characters more than in Vampire Academy. Especially the side characters have more depth and their stories are a nice addition to the main plot. If you can even say main plot because in Richelle Mead's books there are always many, many plot strings intertwining and standing out. It was kind of confusing that in the fourth book the POVs started to change but I can see that it was necessary for the story and after getting used to it I like it. Also I like that you can see a lot of different kinds of relationships in this series. Of course there is the romance, but the relationships between family members and friends are also very interesting. I really like how deep the friendships always are in Richelle Mead's books.
I think this book was so far the most thrilling and emotional one of the series.
The first half of the book was hard to read because it was really depressing but it was even harder to put down because it was so exciting. And the end was so heartbreaking and lovely that it was nearly too romantic but at the same time still action-packed which made the book really unique.

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