Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review: Sentinel (Covenant #5) - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Ok first of all: Normally I hate the covers of Jennifer's book. The covers of the Lux series are really hideous, but this series has so beautiful covers. I just adore them!
I did a review of the first book of the series and talked about the resemblance to Vampire Academy. The first one was pretty similar, but as the series progressed it got more and more complicated and develop it's own story and it was very thrilling and captivating. The love story in this book was just amazing and I love how this all wrapped up in this book. I just really like it when a couple overcomes all its problems to be with each other and starts to fight their problems together. Also I liked the "love triangle" in this series. Normally I really hate them, but there are a few series where it's well done and this one definitely belongs to the well written love triangles.
I also love the main character's relationship to the other characters and how they develop and also how she develops throughout the book. You can really see that this book is written for young adults who are as well in the process of changing and finding themselves.
Also as the series progressed I started to appreciate the Greek mythology in this book. You can't really see much of that in the first book, but it definitely adds to the story later.
I really really loved the ending. It wasn't the typical corny and cheesy ending which you have sometimes with happy endings, but it was still a happy ending. I could have never thought about this ending. It was very surprising for me, but it was a nice surprise. And if I wouldn't have had all the feels already throughout the series with this ending I would have had them at the latest. I just wanted to cry and laugh at the same time throughout the whole series. It was heartbreaking and so relate-able and also so sweet and sad and scary at the same time. Really just all the feels!
Also this series is relatively long because there are 5 books and 2 novellas but they are really fast-paced and pretty short so you can read them in a short amount of time like all Jennifer L. Armentrout books but you should read the novellas as well to really understand the whole series and also the novellas are amazing especially the second one ;)
This series is like Percy Jackson for young adults. So if you wanna have a mix between Vampire Academy and Percy Jackson you should definitely try this. Just don't let yourself get scared of by the first one because you feel like you have read this already because there is a lot more to the story later on. 

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