Friday, March 4, 2016

Review: Call Me, Maybe - Ellie Cahill

I normally don't read romance novels but it was a nice change. I actually liked the characters and I liked that they had a background story that influenced them til today. It made them human and relate-able. I liked the way their relationship started. It was nice and cutesy and really original I think. Also I liked that you get to know different characters who don't actually show in the book. That made the main characters come to life because they had other relationships in their life like a family and friends.
The story for me was kind of boring. Maybe it's because I don't usually read romance books and fantasy books have a lot more going on than just the romance between the main characters. I waited through the whole book for something unexpected to happen but it was pretty predictable. I still liked the story because it was also very realistic but it just wasn't enough for me I think.
But the writing was great. It was fast-paced and in the beginning I couldn't even put it down. After about 100 pages I realized how far I've gotten and was kind of shocked. That's also why I finished this book in a day. Since it covers only approximately 3 weeks it is easy to read in one sitting and also it is kind of understandable that there wasn't going on that much. I think the main part in a contemporary romance novel is the romance so it was very well done. I think I just don't wanna read romance novels all the time but I'm really clad I did read this book and I'm happy I got approved for this book on netgalley. If you like romance novels you should definitely give this one a try.

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