Thursday, February 1, 2018

Readathons I wanna do in February 2018

These are only the Readathons I wanna do in February 2018. There will be a lot more, but I can't do them all because not all of them can be combined. So I chose just a few that I will participate in and try to do all challenges of. I'm also planning to do a few Reading Challenges this year starting in February. So I will post my complete February 2018 TBR including the Readathon TBRs soon. For a whole list of Readathons happening in February look at the Monthly ReadAThon Guide of Duskangelreads or at the Readathon Calendar of Little Book Owl!

Read-A-Thin (Whole February)

The Read-A-Thin is a monthlong readathon. The goal is to finish 6 challenges out of 11 but only with books you already own. There are a lot of reading sprints on their Twitter page which I love!
For more information go to the Goodreads Group

Alphabethon (February 12-18)

Another readathon I wanna do is round 5 of the Alphabethon. It's a readathon centered around (you guessed it) the alphabet. So every readathon is focused on another letter of the alphabet. This is round 5 so the letter will be E. There are also reading challenges and even a giveaway. All the information can be found on the host's blog: Bookaholicbanter Blog and the Twitter Page

Duodecathon (February 15-21)

This is a monthly readathon and here is how it works: You pick one challenge every Duodecathon to complete out of the list of 12 challenges, so by the end you will have completed all the challenges. All the reading challenges can be found in the Goodreads Group

So these are all the readathons I wanna do in February. If you are participating in any of these let me know. Also if you are participating in any other exciting readathons please link them in the comments ;)

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