Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review: The Fountain - Suzy Vadori

The Fountain was a very light, easy in-between read. I liked the concept of a fish fountain. I've never read something like that before.
The first half of the book was a little bit cliche private school but it got better and more exciting really fast.
For me the whole book felt like it would have been better as a movie. It was described more like a movie. For a book there was just a lack of information I think.
The characters didn't really have a background story but they were relate-able. I would have wished to learn more about the past of the characters especially the main character. There were a few things we learnt but it was too little to really get to know her and make her feel real.
Also I think there wasn't any real explanation of her relationships with the other characters. I would have loved to hear more about her mom and dad and also other characters like her boyfriend or other friends in San Francisco. It felt like she didn't had any friends she missed back home and I really didn't know why she loved her boyfriend.
The whole thing with the wish was interesting to read about. But for me the worst part was the end. I kind of guessed the actual end and I think it was okay. What I didn't like was the way it came to this end. It was just kind of sudden. There was a lot of story building before and all the excitement for the climax was built up but then all of a sudden there was the end. If you think of the suspense curve like a mountain. Just right before you reached the peak it was kind of over. I still liked what happened in the end but it felt a little bit too easy for the main characters to come to this conclusion all of a sudden.
So all in all it was an interesting story and a very light and easy read. Also since it's a stand alone you can read it in between other series because there isn't this high commitment of starting a new series. If you look or a very fast and short read I would recommend it to you. I read it for my "A book you can finish in a day" challenge of my popsugar reading challenge 2016 and for that it was just perfect.

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