Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review: The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus Series #1) - Rick Riordan

I wasn't planning on writing a review for the first book in the series, but it was so good I couldn't help myself.
I think I like this series even more than the Percy Jackson Series. Don't misunderstand me. I loved the Percy Jackson books and I miss the old characters very much but in this series the characters were closer to my age and this way I could emphasize more with the characters. Still I missed Percy and the other characters of the Percy Jackson Series and hope that they will play a more important role in the other installments.
Rick Riordan's books are usually action-packed and funny and like always he didn't disappoint his readers.
The book was exciting from the first page to the last.
Also I liked the new Roman Mythology in addition to the Greek Mythology. It was just a little bit information at the time, so you didn't get confused with all the Greek and Roman names.
I also really like it when he explains the ways the gods influence our daily life. It makes the books more realistic and comprehensible.
What I missed the most - besides the characters of course - were the chapter headers. They were one of the funniest things in the Percy Jackson Series.
The different perspectives were very well done, I think. Often I don't like them because they make me wonder what the other one thinks but Riordan's books are so fast-paced and the chapters so short that they changed perspectives very often and I liked that. My favourite perspective was Pipers, but I also liked Jasons although it was a little bit confusing sometimes. Leos perspective I liked the least because Leos thoughts were the youngest in my opinion. It's a nice change sometimes because Leo is funny and lighthearted which is a wonder in itself after what he experienced. All in all it was a nice mix between the three perspectives.
I also think that this series was more thrilling because of its seriousness from the beginning. They started with the big enemies right away and they were in great trouble from the very first page.
I can't wait to read on. It's because they are way more connected than the Percy Jackson Series.
Still I hope to see way more Percy in the next book. I was so excited when he was mentioned at the last page and I was waiting for them to realise exactly this fact. So hopefully more Percy in the next book, even though I also like the new characters very much.

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